Dec 062016

Första punkten i sammanfattningen av Sveriges Pisareultat lyder:

After years of declining performance, Sweden is now showing first improvements. Student performance has improved significantly in mathematics and reading, and a declining trend has been reversed in science. The results are now at or above the OECD average in all three subjects.

Äntligen vänder matteresultaten uppåt för Sverige i Pisaundersökningen. Resultaten har förbättrats.

Sweden’s average score in mathematics increased by 16 points since 2012, but is still 15 points lower than its score in 2003.

Rolig läsning för oss lärare är följande tolkning av resultaten:

Sweden shows one of the highest levels of efficiency in education with strong academic results compared to the number of hours students receive instruction or do homework. Only five other school systems have a more positive ratio between learning time and academic outcomes.

Dessutom sker förbättringen över hela linjen:

It is particularly encouraging that Sweden has been able to reduce the share of low performers in mathematics, while at the same time raise excellence with an increased number of top performers.

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